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Createa studio account

After creating a studio account, you can log in to your personal Dashboard. Here you can monitor all your renders, view your job history and purchase new credits. You can also connect your whole office to our render farm by creating multiple users. Click here to see how it works.

To get you going, we will give you €10 of free render credits.

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Download your tools

Downloadthe tools

Connect to Drop & Render! Our software is called the cloud manager, this is the render queue manager where you can easily keep an eye on all your projects. When starting up it will ask you to install our Blender Add-on that will help you setup your project. It has a smart check feature that checks over 200 settings before you even start the project.

But it can do a whole lot more!

  • Gathering all assets for you, no need to save as a .blend file
  • Tile rendering for big still images
  • Add-on version detection (always use your version)

Start rendering


After submitting your project with the Blender Add-on, it will start rendering directly on our farm with over 400 GPU cards and 200 CPU machines. Each completed frame will be placed directly on your workstation, the perfect time to sit back and enjoy your coffee!

Your filesare safe with us

Security is one of our top priorities at Drop and Render. All projects are stored on our server for no longer than 21 days and are encrypted by OpenSSL AES-256 and 2048-bit RSA data encryption.

Your projects are safe with us!

Easy controls


We’re not done yet! We’ve made a group of video’s that we call our Pro Guide to show you more features of Drop and Render.

Watch our Pro video's